Learning Free Step requires intense effort, regular and constant training, focus and resistance to physical fatigue in order to access to new creative sources. This dance is not linked to ‘blood’, as many keep repeating using some set phrases, but to culture. Rhythm is not African, Italian or American. It does not belong to anyone, it is universal, as the original rhythm is our heartbeat. African dance helps us to rediscover the inherent vitality and joy of this cultural expression, feel again the ground under our feet, develop our rhythmic awareness, while experiencing the emotions resulting from our encounter with the African and Brazilian culture. The main African dancers affirm that dance is a form of art, that can be acquired with time, effort, patience and a teacher and, only then, can be handed out to future generations. In Africa, dancing is a form of prayer, seduction, passion, therapy, but also entertainment, that can be enjoyed everywhere. African dance represents an amazing travel that allows going back to inhabit our body. The same body that in modern Western society we tend to forget, overlooking what our shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles can offer.


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